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"One Hundred Distinguished Mountains of the World"
(3D)by Google Earth,Mountains of famous 100 in the world /Nr.1( Presently 50 )
Here is Nr.2(51~100)
Stereoscopic photography work collection No.11 (JAVA Script)     
Parallel-eyed Cross-eyed Anaglyph Normal photograph (L)

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* The worldwide hundred famous mountains not to be the case that it has been decided, are at the point where nominating for setting is done. ( Worldwide hundred famous mountains?)
* The number on name's left Mt Everest 001st is the number which is done in altitude order of the mountain where the mountain photographer Shirakawa nominates to the worldwide hundred famous mountains.
* Order of publication is altitude order of the mountain.
*It draws up the picture at the StereoPhoto Maker(SPM).       *Red-cyan glasses

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